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TOPPI(˔)NYC by Sumi Nakazato is a series of necklaces based on concepts of art history and cultural expressions. Translated from Japanese, TOPPI (˔) can mean ewild, fantastic, outrageous, reckless, eccentric.f My free-spirited pieces defy convention, combining new and old, semi-precious and humble, stunning and staid beads from different cultures.

The painterly expression in my necklaces can be accredited to my lifetime of exposure to art. Growing up in Tokyo, my great-uncle, Shunko Mochizuki (1893-1979) was an academic Japanese-style painter of flowers. At the Art Department at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh I became a painter myself. While living in Tokyo from my mid 20fs I studied avant-garde Japanese calligraphy while engaging myself in the Japanese Contemporary Art. Through this milieu, I met and married Hitoshi Nakazato, a Japanese artist living in New York. I returned to New York to spend 24 years as his muse until his death in 2010.

Necklace making with beads is a new medium I began to explore in late 2012. My knowledge of art and experience with the creative process over the years has catapulted my own expression. I explore art history and cultural expressions and imagery conjured by the beads into series.



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